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Evelyn Sondag's Animal Picture Books

 All books by Evelyn Sondag are available in English and Spanish.

My Picture Books by Evelyn Sondag
My Picture Books by Evelyn Sondag

  Meet The Author

     Evelyn Sondag's passion to write children's began in 2001. She became determined to put her words into print when her first grandchild was born. She grew up in Central Florida, and later in her thirties, moved to Southern IL where she married her husband Andrew Sondag. She has three grown children and four grandchildren. She loves poetry, children's stories, and photography. She mostly worked part-time as her youngest daughter grew up, but later became co-owner of a photography company called "Red Bud Portrait Place" in Red Bud, IL. Along with helping her husband run the business, she brought her photography into her literature writings which have been very helpful in telling her children's stories. She does have a novel in progress which she hopes to publish in the near future. 





Voice Artist and Narrator of My Books

     Estela Mercado works for ACX, and is a voice artist.  She is the narrator of three of my books.   She also narrated the Spanish version of each book.

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